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House Window Tinting | Why to do it?


Although, natural sunlight is the best gift that one can enjoy; letting too much of sunlight into the house has some negative aspects. If the sunrays are allowed to enter the home in full glare; it increases the temperature of the interior and thus you have to consume more energy for keeping it cool. Residential window tinting helps to reduce to considerable extent. Excessive sunlight also fades up the interior furnishings and only by applying Window Tint you can avoid this. Only by applying house window tinting, you can avoid such damages and also avert the bad effect of UV radiation.

Know all about house window tinting

Know all about house window tinting?

Tinting windows of your home has many benefits. Windows are your source of natural light and also allow you to view the outside world; these also expose you to excessive sun rays. Tinting windows has the following advantages.

  • Increased health protection: Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause damage to the skin and may even cause skin cancer. Tinted windows also blocks The UV radiation in the sunlight and thus you stay protected in your house.
  • More comfortable: Window tints block major part of the sunrays and thus reduce heat and glare offering a cool and comfortable environment for the residents of the house.
  • Prevents fading of furnishings and belongings: Exposure to direct sunlight is the main cause of faded carpet, curtains, furnishings etc and this also shortens the life of many electronic gadgets. With window tint most of the solar heat is absorbed and reflected back reducing the chance of fading.
  • Cuts down energy consumption: Window tints have dual effect it blocks most of the outside thermal energy to enter your house and also prevents the heat of the interior to flow outside. Thus, you consume less energy for controlling the room temperature pay less electricity charges.
  • Safe for the family: Glass is a real hazard if there is any accident. When you apply window tint, it makes your windows shatter proof and there is no chance of getting hurt by shattered glass pieces.
  • Offers increased privacy: By tinting the windows you can block the visibility from outside and hence have increased privacy and security.
  • Improved appearance: As you tint the windows with n attractive tint shade it automatically improves the appearance of your house.

Know all about house window tinting

Types of house window tinting films

The solar control films are basically thin and scratch resistant polyester films. Some films have multiple layers. Usually dyes, fins carbon particles, metallic deposition or ceramic powders are included in making films for achieving desired characteristics.  These come in a wide range of color and shade.

How to apply house window tinting film?

Other than the type of film you use, your method of application also influences the total cost. There are two choices. You can do it yourself or take professional help for home window tinting. How it will be done also depends on the type of film you are using and the type of window as well. However, the general application process starts with cleaning the window glass to make free from dirt and dust.

Next measure the glass and cut film from the roll so that it has around one inch excess on all sides. Since most of the windows tinting films are available with water based adhesive, you must wet the window glass with the wetting solution. Peel the strip for exposing the adhesive and place it on the window so that the adhesive comes in contact with the glass and spray soap solution on the film.

Smooth the bubbles, creases and fingers formed using a squeezer so that the film fits perfectly on the window. After you have fixed the film properly, trim the excess film from all sides using a sharp blade. Usually the film needs time for curing and this may range from a few days to few months even. The film should be formed very carefully and it should not be applied when there is direct sunlight or on a chill day.

Know all about house window tinting

How to maintain?

Doing house window tinting is not the end of the road. You have to maintain the tainted windows. Tainted windows can be washed with majority of the window cleaning solutions available in the market. However, you should follow if there is any specific instruction for the film you have used.

Bottom line

Window tints usually last for around 10 years. You must check the warranty before you use in tinting film. However, well you may maintain,but you have to replace them after some time. While the DIY types are easy to remove; the professional films are hard to remove and sometimes these have to be scrapped off.


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