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Why to care about pro tint for your car


No matter what you drive, it does not need to be a boring enclosure delivering stressful driving experience. When you go for auto window tinting your driving becomes a pleasurable experience as you are protected from excessive sunlight. Window tinting is done by fixing tinted films on the glass. Although, there are many DIY tinting kits  available, the process requires training and skill and thus better be left to the window tinting professionals. Only the pro tint installers can deliver you decorative solutions with energy saving, enhanced performance and increased privacy.

Why to care about pro tint for your car

Why hiring a pro tint installer?

While it may seem that self car window tinting is cheaper than hiring professionals, but hiring professional window tinting services outweighs the savings of DIY method for the benefits they provide. Here are some reasons why they should be engaged.

Legal Knowledge: Dark car windows create safety concern for the authorities and the tinting regulations may also change from time to time. The professional tinting companies always keep them updated about the latest permissible tolerance and keep you on the safer side.

Better quality tint: Most the DIY tinting films available in the market are not at par with the top quality films the professionals use. Hiring them you get better quality films from the top most brands. Moreover, these people are aware about the compatibility of various tints to glasses and so, hiring them you get the best.

Improved tinting process: Moreover, you may also fail when installing tint for the first time but there is no such chance with the professional tint installers. Some of them also use computerized film cutting techniques. The professional tinting companies have trained people with great skill who are able to apply tint perfectly for the first time and every time.

Saves time: Tinting widows requires considerable amount of time. Even, if you have experience you have to spend a lot of time for fixing the tint. By hiring professional you can focus on the important business when they take care of tinting.

Saves money: When you hire professionals for tinting, you need purchase the tools required for installation. Thus, you can save money.

Warranty coverage: In case you have done DIY tinting and failed; there is no retracing back. It is not possible to peel out the film and return. But, when you engage professionals they give you warranty for the job done and so, you stay secured. You can also ask for re-installation or refund if there is a problem.

Why to care about pro tint for your car

How to choose a pro tint? 

Plenty of claims are made about tinting and for this selecting a pro tint can be a bit confusing. Tinting is such a thing that you expect to last for years and, therefore, you should be cautious against making a bad investment. The following steps can provide you the basic guidance.

Try to get referral: Maybe, some of your family and friends got a good quality tinting done. Ask them about the installer.

Visit the web: After you get referral, visit the website of the installer you have in mind. All reputed tint installers display their achievements and also share their field of specialization on the web for customer knowledge.

Go through the reviews: While no one should entirely depend on the online reviews, these throw light on the performance of the installer. You will get many reviews on the company’s website. But, it is wise to visit independent review sites on which the installing organization has no control.

Visit Shop: Visit the shop to have a look about their tinting jobs. Also, find out their experience and the period for which they are doing business in the locality. Also, check the brand of tint film they use.

Check warranty provisions: This is very important. Make sure that it includes free installation or money refund options.

Why to care about pro tint for your car

How dark tint can be used?

The tinting laws and regulations vary with states and localities. Moreover, there are different VLT stipulations for the windscreen, side windows of the front seat, side windows of the back seat and the rear window. A pro tint will always keep you on the safer side for avoiding legal hassles.

Bottom line

Other than tinting car windows, the professional tinting companies also provide quality tinting services for residential, commercial and industrial films to take care of all of your needs.


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